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the better way to start the conversation

the power of human emotions

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine having the ability to instantly see into every conversation and gain insight on how your customers are feeling, and how your agents are performing in real time.

Introducing ConnexionsCX 

ConnexionsCX is next-generation, cognitive communications platform that continuously analyzes your call center interactions to create higher levels of engagement in the future.

Salesforce Einstein Enabled

ConnexionsCX elevates the Salesforce experience, by leveraging the power of Salesforce’s Einstein to instantly enhance your inbound and outbound communications to facilitate better customer-agent interactions.

Salesforce Lightning Ready


emotional analytics

knows the emotional state of your customers and agents in real-time and responds accordingly.

real-time transcription

transcribe calls as they happen, wherever the call may be coming from.

guided conversations

ensures that agents deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time

call insights

Provides agents with real-time contextual insights ensuring a unique and consistent level of service.

integration process

Neuraswitch makes it easy to set up ConnexionsCX within your environment


Download and install the ConnexionsCX package from the Salesforce AppExchange.

configure voice

No need to switch telephony providers, our solution seamlessly sits alongside your current telephony solution.

Looking for a new provider? No worries, our ConnexionPoints platform has what your looking for.


Take phone calls as usual.

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