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using the power of voice to enable intelligent customer interactions

we help companies leverage the power of human emotions and behavioral analytics to create unique customer experiences
what we do

Neuraswitch delivers the world's first Cognitive Communications Platform that truly unleashes the power of voice

emotional analytics

a platform that knows the emotional state of your customers and agents in real-time and responds accordingly

verbal intelligence

ability to analyze customer interactions in order to solve problems using language-based reasoning.

intelligent routing

continuously analyzes your customer and agent interactions to create higher levels of engagement in the future

agent empowerment

provide agents with real-time contextual insights ensuring a unique and consistent level of service

the art of conversation

Introducing ConnexionsCX

Learn how the ConnexionsCX platform combines the power of human emotions with conversational AI to create unique and memorable customer experiences
our network

Cognitive Communications as a Service

See how our developer-friendly APIs can add conversational AI to your call center
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thoughts and experiments

May 15, 2019

The Future is Now

Its 2019, and your calling in to speak with an Agent, something we all dread to do. You have screamed at the IVR, said “AGENT” loud enough the neighbors could hear. And mentally, your preparing yourself for the battle with the Agent just to get your issue resolved, fast and the first time. Now you …

March 26, 2019

Speechmatics And Neuraswitch Deliver CRM Solution To Intelligently Understand Conversations

Speechmatics announces its partnership with leading customer experience platform provider Neuraswitch. The Salesforce-integrated platform captures calls, transcribes them in real-time using Speechmatics’ technology, and provides emotional analytics for any situation to enhance customer satisfaction. With decades of experience working with call centres, Neuraswitch developed the ConnexionsCX platform after witnessing customers’ changing requirements, and the struggle …

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