Its 2019, and your calling in to speak with an Agent, something we all dread to do. You have screamed at the IVR, said “AGENT” loud enough the neighbors could hear. And mentally, your preparing yourself for the battle with the Agent just to get your issue resolved, fast and the first time. Now you find yourself thrilled to live in a world in which the Agent can service you in a personal fashion. Furthermore, that “Agent”- her name is Sofia by the way, is able to provide impeccable customer service, all while preserving a call managing volume in which her supervisors can view in real time. Your conversation with Sofia? – It’s like talking to yourself, she is knowledgeable, she is able to converse with you while being provided with analytics and insights, and even product recommendations. All this is purely powered by the power of voice. Making for a better way to start the conversation.

Gone are the days of old, post-call analytics that only allow supervisors to see what has happened…. Not what is “happening”. Metrics of seeing what amount of work has come in, and how quickly it is getting done. Those electronic wallboards? While they may be valuable to the Managers, they offer far more use to the employees. Insights and Analytics have changed the way we view not only our customers, but our employees as well.

Analytics, powered by the robust AI of Salesforce Einstein, makes it easier for call center agents to comprehend just how they contribute. Taking those very metrics, and applying them to how one feels, allows for us to have much more meaningful and impactful conversations.

The future is now, here in real-time. Insights are bringing forth richer experiences to customers this moment. Spanning across all channels, the ConnexionsCX platform is the call center of the future- today.

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