The light bulb… such a common little thing that we often take for granted. What is this light we speak of? At the time it was created, it was a global innovation that cultured change. Change in the way we could do things, productivity, it led to a new revolution. Who knew that out of the 10,000 times that Edison failed at getting a current to run through a wire called filament- would change our behaviors, our vision, or at the time of creation- our future?

AI is where the light bulb was then… except now there is more inventors, more “Edison’s” if you will. All these Edison’s are companies powered by engineers and architects trying to create their own version of Artificial Intelligence. According to a Dimensional Research report, nearly 8 out of 10 companies currently engaged in AI and Machine learning said that projects have stalled.

Its why the team here at Neuraswitch has focused on building Artificial Intelligence around the power of the voice. ConnexionsCX takes what you say and recognizes how you truly feel… empowering an overall conversation. Consistently learning, and mining the quality and training of data, the ConnexionsCX platform eliminates the single largest obstacle in implementing machine learning models.

Have you found a better way to start the conversation?

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