The Power of Real-Time Voice

Neuraswitch ConnexionsCX utilizes advanced real-time voice analytics where the tone of voice, in addition to what's being said, is analyzed to determine the emotional state of both the customer and the agent.

Conversational Intelligence

Provides agents with real-time helpful hints and tips throughout the conversation.

NLP Engine

Our NLP Engine ensures a high level of accuracy when processing conversations.

Enterprise Integrations

Works with your existing telephony, knowledge and call center solutions.


Get the insights you need to redefine the customer experience.

Flexible Deployment

Supports both cloud and on-premise configurations.

Multilingual support

Native support for over 40+ languages.

The Better Way to Start the Conversation

ConnexionsCX provides agents with real-time contextual insights ensuring a unique and consistent level of service.

Real-Time Transcription

Transcribe customer conversations in real time in over 40+ languages.

Actionable Insights

Provide agents with real-time actionable insights ensuring a unique and consistent level of service.

Intelligent Routing

Continuously analyzes your customer and agent interactions to create higher levels of engagement in the future.

Start Making Better Connexions

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