Enable Intelligent Customer Interactions

Further engage in the customer experience – ConnexionsCX utilizes the power of human emotion and behavioral analytics to empower reps with real time insights, live on each call

The power of human emotions

feelings matter.

Imagine the Possibilities
Imagine having the ability to instantly see into every conversation and gain insight on how your customers are feeling, and how your agents are performing in real time.

Introducing ConnexionsCX
ConnexionsCX is a next-generation, cognitive communications platform that continuously analyzes your call center interactions to create higher levels of engagement in the future.

Salesforce Einstein Enabled
ConnexionsCX elevates the Salesforce experience, by leveraging the power of Salesforce’s Einstein to instantly enhance your inbound and outbound communications to facilitate better customer-agent interactions.

what we do

Neuraswitch delivers the world’s first Cognitive Communications Platform that truly unleashes the power of voice

emotional analytics

a platform that knows the emotional state of your customers and agents in real-time and respond accordingly

verbal intelligence

ability to analyze customer interactions in order to solve problems using language based reasoning

intelligent routing

continuously analyzes your customer and agent interactions to create higher levels of engagement in the future

agent empowerment

provide agents with real-time contextual insights ensurig a unique and consistent level of service

Feelings Matter

ConnexionsCX analyzes the call in real-time, easily providing insights on the behaviors of the customer and the rep while providing insights on how to handle the conversation and drive customer experiences. Giving agents the real-time ability to listen intently and say the right things!

Turn Insight into Action

Further engage with customers. ConnexionsCX empowers agents with informidable insights utilizing the power of voice and Salesforces Einstein for Next Best Actions, allowing reps to upsell/cross-sell on every single call.

Words into Context

ConnexionsCX translates conversations in to text in real time, while recognizing the spoken language and translating it for the rep on each and every call. The agent can then in turn speak in their native language and ConnexionsCX will translate it back to the customer in their language.

Visualize Every Interaction

ConnexionsCX allows organizations to visualize every interaction and leverages AI to identify key customer insights in order to create more intelligent interactions, that both improve agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Neuraswitch makes it easy to set up ConnexionsCX within your environment

Download and install the ConnexionsCX package from the Salesforce AppExchange

No need to switch telephony providers, our solutions seamlessly sits alongside your current telephony solution

Looking for a new provider? No worries, our ConnexionsPoint platform has what you are looking for.

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ConnexionsCX is forever changing the Customer Experience....

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