Pause & Resume is NOT Compliant

Although Pause and Resume is widely used with contact centers, it does not deliver compliance. A better way to maintain compliance is to detect and mask all sensitive data that flows through your call recordings and desktops.

The Neuraswitch Difference

Neuraswitch ensures conversational compliance by redacting from transcripts and audio files in REAL TIME.

Numeric Redaction

All identifiable numbers are redacted from the transcripts and audio

Targeted Redaction

Specific keyword phrases are redacted from the transcripts and audio

Custom Redaction

Customized redaction scripts based on customer requirements

Compliance in Minutes, Not Weeks


Identify Speech, Transcription and Punctuation powered by AI. Optional tagging allows for organizations to tag PII data without redacting it. Ensure GDPR and HIPAA compliance by elimating sensitive data in real-time and/or in recordings and transcriptions across the entire Omni-Channel.


RedaXion's sophisticated algorithms accurately identify and remove sensitive PHI/PII/PCI numerical and keyword data.


RedaXion is not just limited to numerical values of sensitive information. Give your organization the flexibility to remove anything.

Rapid Deployment

Enable call compliance within minutes, not weeks

ASR Agnostic

Works across multiple speech-to-text platforms

Simple APIs

Easy integration with the rest of your technology stack

Safe & Secure

High level of security provides you peace of mind

How it helps you succeed

Employing RedaXion for scrubbing and replacing sensitive information is the only way to truly maintain compliance. This provides you a secret weapon to provide access to customer and patient data across the enterprise. Lower the risk of data breaches for your peace of mind.

  • Ensure Call Compliance
  • Lower Risk of Data Breaches
  • Access to previously inaccessible data for insights

Fllexible Deployment Options

Ready to see how Neuraswitch can transform your business?